OPENRISK questionnaire on End User Needs

To ensure that OpenRisk project output will answer to the concrete needs of the regional PPR organisations, the project has launched a questionnaire on end user needs.

We encourage you to answer this questionnaire and share it among your relevant stakeholders – the more information we can rely on the better.

It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Last day to answer it the 28th of May 2017.

You can find the survey behind the link below:

OPENRISK presented at EMSA Consultative Technical Group for Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response

The 11th CTG meeting between the pollution response experts from EU Member States, EFTA/EEA coastal States, European Commission and EMSA was held in EMSA premises in Lisbon on the 13th of March 2017.

Senior Adviser Heli Haapasaari from Finnish Environment Institute gave a presentation about the OpenRisk project in the meeting and invited the participants to the first project Workshop on the 13-14th of June 2017 in Helsinki (see post below for more information). Furthermore she informed the participants about the opportunity to give feedback to the OpenRisk publications.

The OpenRisk project and invitation ware warmly welcomed by the meeting participants. The project got also a nickname “Black Swan” – hopefully due to the logo.

Invitation to the First OPENRISK Inter-regional Workshop on Risk Assessment Methods for Pollution Prevention and Response (13-14 June 2017, Helsinki)

Date and time: Tuesday 13 June (9:30-18:00) – Wednesday 14 June 2017 (9:00-12:00)
Venue: Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Mechelininkatu 34 a, Helsinki, Finland

Competent marine spill response authorities and their intergovernmental cooperation structures but also risk assessment experts are warmly invited to join the OPENRISK process by attending the first of a series of four project workshops (June 2017, October 2017, June 2018 and October 2018).

These events will gather regional pollution preparedness and response (PPR) organizations, Risk Assessment experts and other stakeholders to develop new open methods for PPR risk assessments.

This first workshop will identify the risk assessment needs of the competent marine spill authorities and their intergovernmental cooperation structures.

More specifically we will:

  • share lessons learned on risk assessments within European and global institutions and regional seas PPR organizations;
  • discuss drafts and provide guidance for the open source toolbox for PPR risk assessments developed by OPENRISK;
  • gather momentum, discuss next steps and create partnerships for developing and applying risk assessments for PPR purposes in regional seas organizations in Europe and worldwide.

The event will be organized 13-14 June 2017 in Helsinki, back-to-back with the Meeting of the HELCOM Response Working Group, the Baltic Sea intergovernmental cooperation body for response authorities. Please register by 16 May 2017 using the instructions below. A detailed programme will be provided during spring.

How to register:

Please register to the workshop by answering the Participation Survey in the HELCOM Meeting Portal. Please note that first you need to sign up to the Meeting Portal. Instructions for the use of the Meeting Portal are available on the HELCOM website.

Hotel information:
The hotels “Scandic Park” as well as “Crowne Plaza Helsinki” are both within a 20 min relaxed walk from SYKE. They are also easily accessible from the airport as the Finnair City bus from the airport stops in front of these hotels and then continues to the main Railway station in the heart of the city.
Also other hotels in the city centre along the route of the tram number 2 are relatively
convenient for this meeting, for example Helka, Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Scandic Simonkenttä, Helsinki.

Inter-Secretariat meeting between Regional Agreement Secretariats, DG ECHO and EMSA

The 13th Inter-Secretariat meeting between Regional Agreement Secretariats, DG ECHO and EMSA was held in EMSA premises in Lisbon on the 16 February 2017.

We were proud to present the OpenRisk project plan to the meeting participants and the feedback was very good! It is time for common risk assessment methodologies and dynamic open-source tools in Europe.

In the meeting we also heard about other recent risk assessment projects that have been carried out by the Regional Agreements. This paved the way for good discussion about common needs and possible synergies between the projects.

Apart from that we were glad to publish the official logo of the OpenRisk project. It is a combination of black swan and triage colours. A pretty fly as someone said.



First OpenRisk Kick-off Meeting with Partners

The first Kick Off meeting of the OpenRisk project partners was held on Thursday 26 January 2017 at the HELCOM Secretariat. Participants from all partner organisations (WMU, MARIN and SYKE) took part in the meeting.

Apart from getting to known with each other the purpose of the first meeting was to streamline the project and share ideas about the output.

Mr. Backer and Mr. Laine from HELCOM gave presentations about Methods for Maritime Event Risk Assessment & Validation and Regional Risk Assessments for Preparedness & Response.

The topic of MARIN`s presentation was Dynamic Risk Indicators for AIS Applications presented by Mrs. Koldenhof.

Mrs. Haapasaari from SYKE demonstrated the Sea Track Web spill drift modelling tool and guided the OpenRisk project from the perspective of a response authority.

And last but not least Mr. Baldauf from WMU gave a presentation about Tools for Optimising Safety Improvement Measures.

These presentations will be available from our website shortly.

Having said that, the OpenRisk is really flying now!