First OpenRisk Kick-off Meeting with Partners

The first Kick Off meeting of the OpenRisk project partners was held on Thursday 26 January 2017 at the HELCOM Secretariat. Participants from all partner organisations (WMU, MARIN and SYKE) took part in the meeting.

Apart from getting to known with each other the purpose of the first meeting was to streamline the project and share ideas about the output.

Mr. Backer and Mr. Laine from HELCOM gave presentations about Methods for Maritime Event Risk Assessment & Validation and Regional Risk Assessments for Preparedness & Response.

The topic of MARIN`s presentation was Dynamic Risk Indicators for AIS Applications presented by Mrs. Koldenhof.

Mrs. Haapasaari from SYKE demonstrated the Sea Track Web spill drift modelling tool and guided the OpenRisk project from the perspective of a response authority.

And last but not least Mr. Baldauf from WMU gave a presentation about Tools for Optimising Safety Improvement Measures.

These presentations will be available from our website shortly.

Having said that, the OpenRisk is really flying now!




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