OPENRISK is flying!

We are happy to announce that the OPENRISK project started officially 1 january 2017!  We have been waiting for this moment with excitement since the application was submitted in March 2016 and approved in September 2016.

The launch of projects always takes some time -but here at the office of the  Lead Partner HELCOM the basic things are starting to be in place.

Project Manager Mr. Valtteri Laine, a maritime risk assessment professional with long experience, started working 9. January 2017 and will work with the project at least until closure 31 December 2018 two years from now.

We are all set for a kick off event organised 18 January 2017 in Brussels by the funding agency DG ECHO. There we will shortly present the project background and aims to other projects funded 2016 from the Prevention and Preparedness part of the EU – Civil Protection Financial Instrument. It will be interesting to learn about the other projects with topics a wide range of civil protection and maritime response topics. The donor will also inform of basic things related to implementation.

We have also invited our partners (WMU, SYKE and MARIN) to a Partner Kick-off meeting 26 January 2017 here at the HELCOM offices in Helsinki. Here we will meet each other, some for the first time, as well as polish the workplan including agreeing on reporting and financial matters.

We have also started thinking about a logo, drafted a brochure and created this website/blog -to be able to share our progress and thoughts on risk assessments with the wider audience.

Stay Tuned to OPENRISK!

HELCOM Secretariat/ HELCOM Response Secretary Hermanni Backer and Project Manager Valtteri Laine

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